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Cumino's Story
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Cumino Born
Cumino kids wear was established in Bursa in 2012 and has made a name for itself in the sector by providing R&D services to companies that manufacture baby/child clothing. With its restructuring in 2014, it started production and sales activities under its own brand and became a trend-setting brand. It is a manufacturer company that produces and exports 0-12 age children's wear.
Always New
Cumino defines itself as a brand that always pursues innovation. The aim of the company is to be different, to determine the seasonal trends, and to keep the comfort and quality kids clothing at the highest level while doing this. Thanks to the importance it gives to quality and its determination to succeed, it has been recognized in the sector and has never given up on this principle.
Healthy Fabrics
Our aim is to be indispensable for mothers and children by producing healthy and comfortable clothes with healthy fabrics, while bringing the fashion to life in its most beautiful form. Quality service, on time delivery and affordable prices that can appeal to all segments, the guarantee of success is to continue its success without forgetting the principle of 'innovation and quality'. Their collections include Coats, Jackets, Two or Three Piece Suits, Dresses and Jumpsuits. However, it is not limited to these. The company has proven itself in responsiveness to the needs of its customers through its own e-commerce site.
Cumino Kids Wear
Cumino Kids Wear continues its production and sales activities in Bursa Vişne Trade Zone. Established: 2012
Age groups: 0-12 years
Gender: Boys, Girls
Main product categories: Dresses, Suits
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